Client Payment Actions

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With Clio Manage, clients of law firms located in the UK can pay their outstanding bills and client funds requests online once the bill or client funds request invoices are received via email. The email will contain the bill or client funds request and a button that the client can click to pay the bill or client funds request online. Once paid, the client will receive a confirmation email. 

Note: These directions only apply to clients of law firms that have Clio Payments enabled. 

Pay bills using debit or credit card

If your law firm sent your bill or client funds request by email, you can pay the outstanding balance via debit or credit card by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the bill in your email inbox and click Pay online now
  2. In the Pay by Card section, enter your debit or credit card details.
  3. Under Billing information, enter the billing details for the card.
  4. Click Review payment.
  5. Optional: Check the box to securely store this payment method for future use. If you select this option, your firm can automatically charge this debit or credit card method for future bills.
  6. Click Submit payment.


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