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Prepare and send documents in Clio Grow

Once you have document templates uploaded into your Clio Grow account, you can prepare the document files and send them out to gather eSignatures. You can also continue to upload and share one-time PDFs rather than prepare document files from previously created document templates. Learn more about preparing and sending documents for signature here.

Tip: After all signers have signed the document, and if you have both Clio Grow and Clio Manage, you can export and convert the matter to Clio Manage and then view and manage the document directly in Clio Manage. Learn more about exporting matters here.

Note: A document signature link is valid for seven days. Once expired, your client can click the link in the document email to receive a new email with an active link.


Share documents in Clio Manage

In Clio Manage, you can create new documents from previously created document templates or upload completed document files and folders directly into Clio Manage. Once the documents are prepared, you can send them for eSignatures, share them with clients using Clio for Clients, and share them with external solicitors using Clio Connect.


Resend documents and send reminders in Clio Grow

Once a document is sent for eSignatures, you can send an automatic reminder on a future date from the matter’s intake process page or send an immediate reminder from the Documents tab. You can also resend an expired document link by email using the immediate reminder method.

Note: You can only schedule a future automatic reminder if the document has a due date. 

Future automatic reminder Immediate reminder/resend document
  1. Go to the matter in Clio Grow.
  2. Find the document task under the Intake process section.
  3. Click the Options dropdown and select Set Auto Reminder.
  4. Select the reminder date and the type of reminder.
  5. Click Schedule Reminder.


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