Clio Drive Search and File Share

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Search in Clio Drive

Since Clio Drive is accessible from Finder (Mac) and File Explorer (Windows), you can search for a file or folder using the search functionality within Finder and File Explorer.

Note: The search functionality will search the document headings of your synced Clio Drive folders, including closed matters. The search feature will not find files that have not been accessed in over 12 months since these files will not be synced to Clio Drive.

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Under Locations look for localhost or Network, and then click Clio Drive.
  3. Click the search icon in the top right corner of your Finder window.
  4. Type your search query in the search bar.
  5. Next to Search click Clio Drive to narrow your results to Clio Drive folders.


Share to Clio Drive

With Clio Drive you can add files directly from your computer or external storage device (USB drive, external hard drive, or network storage device). The external device just needs to be accessible from your computer.

You can even add files to Clio Drive without an internet connection. These files will be accessible in Clio Drive, but they will not sync to Clio Manage until an internet connection is established.


Share from Clio Drive

You can share files from Clio Drive by dragging and dropping files into a composed email and sending the files as attachments.

  1. Open Clio Drive and find the file.
  2. Click and hold the file and then drag and drop it into a composed email message.
  3. Send the email with attachments.


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