Clio Grow Agenda

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The Clio Grow Agenda provides users with an overview of all scheduled tasks, forms, documents, appointments, and emails assigned to any user within the Clio Grow account. The default view displays Agenda items assigned to you.

Note: The Agenda is an overview page. You will not receive any notifications if items in the Agenda are changed or deleted.

View detailed Agenda overview

The Clio Grow Agenda will show scheduled items after your assign items to yourself or another user. Items will appear in one of the four columns depending on when, or if, the items are due.

Note: Agenda items do not expire after a specified amount of time.

Forms and documents will appear on the Agenda after they are sent to a client, regardless of whether they have a due date. If you choose to complete a form or document immediately rather than email it to a client, the item will not appear in the Agenda since the Agenda only shows items that are scheduled to be completed.

The Agenda will also show upcoming scheduled appointments, tasks with due dates, and emails that are scheduled to be sent out at a certain date.

To see a detailed view of an Agenda item:

  1. Go to Agenda.
  2. Click the Options dropdown next to an item and select View. This will take you to the matter.
  3. Under Intake process, find the Agenda item.
  4. Click the Options dropdown to view more details or take additional actions.


Add Agenda items

To add an item to the Agenda:

  1. Go to the matter's Intake process section.
  2. Under Add single item, begin adding items.

Tip: You can also quickly add a form or appointment right from the Agenda page using the Quick Form and Quick Appointment shortcut buttons. Click the down arrow next to Quick Intake in the upper right of the Clio header.


Filter Agenda

Note: You cannot print or export the Agenda view page.

You can filter the Agenda page by assigned user or Agenda item, such as appointment, document, form, task or email. 

  1. Go to Agenda.
  2. In the upper right corner, click Apply filters.
  3. Search for Assigned users and/or Item type.


Delete Agenda items

Important: If you delete an item from the Agenda, it will also be deleted from the matter. Only delete Agenda items if you no longer need them associated with the matter.

  1. Go to Agenda.
  2. Click the Options dropdown next to an item and select Delete.
  3. When the warning prompt appears, select Delete.


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