Clio Payments Fee Schedules

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Choose daily or monthly fee schedule for transaction fees

The default fee schedule for Clio Payments transaction fees is daily deduction for all transactions. Customers in the UK and Ireland also have the option to switch to the monthly fee schedule. With the monthly fee schedule, only chargebacks and refunds are deducted daily. Credit card, debit card, Pay by Bank payments, and client funds transaction fees are deducted at the end of the month. When you change to a new fee schedule, the change will not take effect until after your next payout.

Note: Regardless of which fee schedule you select, client funds payments are always deposited in full and transaction fees are always taken from the operating account, in compliance with SRA Account Rules in England and Wales. Additionally, transaction fees are only charged for successful transactions. Failed payments do not incur a processing fee.
Tip: View a detailed summary of individual transactions and respective fees for the daily and monthly fee schedules by generating the deposit report. Learn more here.
  1. Go to Settings > Online Payments.
  2. Click Go to Payment Settings.
  3. Click Fee Schedule.
  4. Select either Daily or Monthly.
    • If you select a new fee schedule but decide you do not want to make the change, select your previous fee schedule to revert the change.


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