Close and Reopen Matters

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Closing a matter does not impact any of the matter’s contents. If you are done working on a matter, the recommended action is to close the matter, not to delete it. The benefit of closing a matter is that you can view the contents of the closed matter and reopen the matter at any time.

Note: A payment plan for a closed matter with an outstanding balance will continue to run until the outstanding balance is paid off.

Close individual matters in Clio Manage

You can close a matter when editing the matter in the matter form or when viewing the matter’s dashboard.

Matter formMatter dashboard
  1. Go to Matters and click Edit. You can also search for the matter in the search bar and click Edit matter in the matter’s dashboard.
  2. Go to the Matter details section.
  3. Under Matter status, change the status to Closed.
  4. Click Save matter.


Close matters in bulk in Clio Manage

  1. Go to Matters.
  2. Check the box next to each matter you want to close.
  3. Select Update matter status.
  4. Select Close.
  5. Click Save.


Close individual matters in Clio Grow

In Clio Grow, you cannot close a matter, but you can move the matter to the Did Not Hire section of the Pipeline. Once a matter is moved to that section, it will not appear in the Matters page unless you search for that filter.

Tip: Remember to change the matter’s value to $0.
  1. Go to Pipeline.
  2. Click the grey X symbol on the matter.
  3. Select any of the red Did Not Hire matter status options.


Reopen closed matters in Clio Manage

You can reopen a closed matter in Clio Manage at any time. To do this:

  1. Go to Matters.
  2. Select the Closed subtab.
  3. Click Edit, change the matter status, and click Save matter. You can also click the matter name and change the status to Open in the dashboard.


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