Generate Reports, Presets, and History

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Reports in Clio are easily accessible from the Reports tabs in both Clio Grow and Clio Manage. In Clio Manage, you can generate reports with filters, save presets of specific filters for most report types, and view a history of the reports you generated.

Tip: Learn more about reports and report categories offered in Clio here.

Generate reports in Clio Grow

Clio Grow offers two reports, both of which are easily accessible directly from the Reports tab. You can filter both reports to view data with specific parameters, including by date range, matter type, lead source, and user, and download and print CSV files of tabular data.

Note: You cannot print the Clio Grow report charts.
ViewFilterDownload and print
  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Select Matter Report or Referral Report.
  3. Optional: Click Apply Filters to restrict data.
  4. Optional: Select the chart icon to view the data as charts. You can also select the table icon to view the data in tabular format.


Generate reports in Clio Manage

Each Clio Manage report has a specific set of filters that apply to that report. You can generate various configurations of each report to suit your reporting needs. You can generate most reports in both CSV and PDF format, and some reports can be generated in Web format. If you choose to generate a report in CSV format, you can also customize how your report appears by hiding, unhiding, and reordering columns.

Important: Restricting the date range for some reports can cause discrepancies between report output data and information in Clio Manage. This is most common when activities are reported in one month and generated on an invoice the following month. Affected reports include the following: revenue, originating solicitor revenue, productivity by user, productivity by client, matter productivity by user, and trust listing.
  1. Go to Reports > Reports.
  2. Select a report category under Categories.
  3. Click the name of the report you want to generate.
  4. Select your filter parameters.
  5. Under Output format, select how you want to view the report. If you choose CSV format, click Select and reorder columns to hide, unhide, and/or reorder columns in the report. 
    Select and reorder columns
    You can hide, unhide, and reorder columns for the following Clio Manage reports: Clio Payments transaction report, Clio Payments ledger report, billing rate report, client activity report, fee allocation report, matter balance summary report, matter productivity by user report, originating solicitor revenue report, client account ledger report, client account management report, and revenue report.
    Note: Hiding a column will not delete any data from the report. Your generated report will not show the column data, but you can always activate the hidden column if you need to see that data.
    1. The columns listed under Active columns will appear in the report in the listed order once the report is generated. If you do not want a column to appear in the report, uncheck the box next to a column's name to hide it, or click the three line icon next to a column's name to drag and drop the column under Hidden columns. If you want to reorder the active columns, click the three line icon next to a column's name to drag and drop the column to any position around another active column.
    2. The columns listed under Hidden columns will not appear in the report once the report is generated. If you want to show a hidden column in the report, check the box next to the column's name or click the three line icon next to a column's name and drag and drop it from Hidden columns to Active columns.
    3. Click Reset to default to reset the report columns to their original view.
    4. Click Clear selected to uncheck all columns and move them under Hidden columns. You are required to select at least one column in order to generate the report.
  6. Click Generate report.
  7. Optional: If you downloaded the report as a CSV or PDF file, print it from your computer.


Generate, schedule, and manage reports presets

With report presets in Clio Manage, you can quickly generate reports you access on a regular basis. When generating a report, you can save the selected filters as a preset that you can edit at any time, eliminating the need to remember your report filters every time you generate the same report. You can also schedule one of your own presets to be run at any cadence that works best for you and enable report generation at a future date of your choice. Once your scheduled preset is generated, you will be notified by email.

Note: You can only view presets that you created.
  1. Go to Reports > Reports.
  2. Select a report category under Categories.
  3. Click the name of the report you want to generate.
  4. Select your filter parameters.
  5. Select Save as a preset.
  6. Enter a recognizable name for the preset.
  7. Click Save preset. You can also click Save & generate to save the preset and generate the report immediately.


View reports history table

The reports history table in Clio Manage shows a record of reports that you ran in the previous six months. When you generate a new report, the record will appear as a new line item in the history table.

Note: You can only see reports that you generated. You do not have access to reports generated by other firm users.
  1. Go to Reports > History.
  2. Sort the table by Date generated or Report name. By default, the table is sorted by the date a report was generated.
  3. Optional: Click Filters to filter the table by category, report output, or date generated.
  4. Optional: Enter a keyword in the Search by report name field to do a keyword search.
  5. Click a report’s name to view the report in the same output format that it was originally generated.


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