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In Clio Manage, the contact type categorizes the contact and distinguishes between contacts, clients, and companies. In Clio Grow, the contact type categorizes the state of the contact, including whether the contact is a lead, client, or a different type.

Tip: In Clio, matters have types that are referred to as matter statuses. With matter statuses, you can keep track of your matter from intake to completion. Learn more here.

Change a contact's type in Clio Manage

In Clio Manage, contacts are either person or company contacts. You can make a person contact into a company contact and make a company contact into a personal contact at any time. When you create a matter for a contact, the contact becomes a client for whom you track important case information. You will also see a green “client” label beside the client’s name when viewing the Contacts tab or when viewing the contact’s dashboard.

Note: You cannot add, modify, or remove the two base contact types (person and company) in Clio Manage.

To change a person contact or company contact:

  1. Go to Contacts and click Edit. You can also search for the contact in the search bar and click Edit contact.
  2. Select Person or Company, depending on which one you are changing the contact to.
  3. Optional: If the contact is a company contact, add employees.
  4. Click Save contact.


Create and manage contact types in Clio Grow

In Clio Grow, you are provided with a list of starter contact types that you cannot change. You can also add your own, edit custom contact types, and delete custom contact types. These contact types will be easily visible from the Contacts overview page.

Add Edit Delete
  1. Go to Settings > Contacts > Contact Types.
  2. Click New Contact Type
  3. Enter the name.
  4. Click Create Type.


Change a contact's type in Clio Grow

Contacts that are leads will appear in the Leads subtab of the Contacts overview page, and contacts that are clients will appear under the Clients subtab of the Contacts overview page. You can view all contacts, regardless of contact type, in the View all subtab. You can change a contact’s type when viewing a single contact page, when viewing the main Contacts page, and when viewing a single matter’s page.

Single contact’s pageContacts overview pageSingle matter’s page
  1. Search for the contact in the search bar.
  2. Under Contact Details, find the line called Type.
  3. Click the current Type to change the contact type.


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