UCN/UFN and Communications

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Update UCN

UCN / UFN are system-generated fields that the firm uses to ID the work that has been done. The specific format of each is required by the Legal Aid Agency. 

  • UFN is the (Case Start Date)/(Case ID)
  • UCN is (Date of Birth)/(First Initial)/(Start of Surname)


After updating your contact's date of birth: 

  1. Locate and access the Legal Aid matter. 
  2. Click Edit Matter at the top right corner.
  3. Click Save Matter.


Record communications

Use time duration, instead of units, when recording letters in and/or out and telephone calls for Legal Aid billing purposes. The Cost Assessment Guideline states that telephone calls may be considered six minutes unless they exceed six minutes in duration. Calls that last six minutes or more in length may be claimed as timed attendance, but not also as a telephone call.


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