Migrate Legal Aid Data

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You can migrate default Matter information such as Matter Numbering and Matter Description, but you cannot migrate Legal Aid fields automatically. The Legal Aid information needs to be recorded manually after the matter migration is completed.

Once Legal Aid matters have been migrated, they will need to be converted to Legal Aid by the firm manually by selecting one of the Legal Aid practice areas and completing the required fields. 

Note: This must be done before any activities are recorded or imported to the matter.



Legal Aid clients will need to be updated manually by the firm by following the steps here.



Legal Aid activities cannot be migrated because activity categories would need to be updated with the default Legal aid categories/rates, and this information cannot be imported.


Legal Aid portals

At this time, the Legal Aid feature only supports the CSV format required by the CWA (Contracted Work and Administration) portal, which is compatible with civil controlled and criminal controlled practice areas. For the civil certificated practice area, you would need a compatible file for CCMS submission, which is currently not supported by Clio.


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