FormEvo and Clio

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Install FormEvo app 

Once the FormEvo integration is installed, accessing the full library of FormEvo forms, mapping Clio fields to the fields of your chosen forms, and generating partially pre-filled documents based on these mapped forms is a straightforward process.

Note: You cannot map Contact Custom Fields when mapping Clio fields to forms in FormEvo.

  1. Navigate to the FormEvo Helper Application.
  2. Sign in to Clio Manage using your login details.
  3. Select Allow Access to authorise access for the FormEvo Helper App to you Clio Manage account.
  4. Select Continue.


Create FormEvo documents

  1. In Clio Manage, select Matters.
  2. Find the matter that you need to create a FormEvo document for.
  3. Click the down arrow next to Edit and select Create a FormEvo document. The FormEvo helper app will launch with the chosen matter pre-selected.
  4. Search for the required FormEvo form from the library displayed in the Select a Form dropdown menu. Select the one you want.
  5. Name the document that you are creating, using the Document Name input field.
  6. A table displaying the fields that appear in this FormEvo form will appear below. You can choose to map some of these fields to Clio fields by using the respective dropdown menus.
  7. Once you are finished mapping the fields, select Create Document.
  8. Click View in FormEvo.
  9. Log in to FormEvo if you are prompted to log in with your FormEvo credentials. Once signed in, you will see your newly created document with all your mapped fields pre-filled. You can now fill in any other fields that you need before finalizing, saving, and downloading in FormEvo.


Supported FormEvo forms

While FormEvo has several Legal Aid forms available on their website, only the following Legal Aid Forms are currently supported by Clio's integration:

  • CRM11
  • CRM7
  • CRM11
  • CW1
  • CW1 PL
  • CW2 (Imm)
  • CW3
  • CW3A (Imm)
  • CW3B (Imm)
  • CW4

Note: If you are attempting to generate any of the forms above, but the fields are not auto-populating, contact the Clio support team at +44-333-577-2546


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