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Easily accessing and managing client bills is an important component of running a law practice, whether that is in the office or on-the-go. With Clio's mobile app, you can access client bills directly from your mobile device, allowing you to answer client questions and track the status of bills while you are away from your computer.

Note: Only users with billing permissions have access to bills.

Filter and view bills and trust funds requests

In Clio's mobile app, you can view the details of a generated bill and see a preview of how the bill looks from your client's perspective. You can view bills specific to a single matter directly from that matter's page or view bills across all your matters from the main Bills tab. When filtering bills, you can filter by bill status or the type of bill. 

Note: You cannot generate or share bills in the mobile app. If you need to generate new bills or send bills to clients, you will need to access Clio from a web browser. 

Bills for one matter All bills
  1. Go to the Home tab, select Matters, and then select the matter. You can also click Filter matters to narrow your matter results or search for the matter's number or client name in the search bar. 
  2. Under Matter contents, click Bills.
  3. Click the filter icon in the top right, select your filter parameters, and then click Done.
    • Status: When filtering bills by status, you can choose to view bills in draft, bills pending approval, unpaid bills, paid bills, or archived bills.
    • Type: When filtering bills by type, you can choose to view revenue bills or bills for trust funds requests.
  4. Click the bill that you want to view. You have option to view bill details and see a preview of the bill.
    • Details: If you select this subtab, you can view a summary of the client, the matter, and details about the bill. If the bill is for a multi-matter bill or trust funds request, you can view all matters associated with the bill
    • Preview: If you select this subtab, you can view a preview of what the bill will look like for your client. If you click the double-arrow icon in the bottom right, the bill will appear in full-screen mode.


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