Device Sessions

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Manage active device sessions

In your Clio security settings, you can view log ins to your user account, including when the log ins happened, from where, and using which device, allowing you to quickly and easily identify suspicious behaviour, locations, or devices. If any of the device sessions are unknown or seem suspicious, you can force log out all sessions for your user account. 

Note: If Clio detects a new log in from an unrecognized device or browser, you will receive an email notification. This happens if you or someone else logs in using a new device or browser, if you cleared cookies for a device or browser, or if you are using private browsing/incognito. This alert helps you keep your account secure and quickly take action if an unauthorized user has accessed your account. You cannot disable this notification.

Tip: If you are concerned about unauthorized access to your user account, enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account and change your password. Learn more about enabling 2FA here and more about creating strong passwords here.

  1. Go to Settings > Security & Compliance > Sessions.
  2. Scroll down to Devices.
  3. Click Manage next to Device Sessions.
    • For every device that is currently logged in to your Clio Manage account, you can view the device name, the IP address that accessed your account, the approximate location, the date the account was last accessed, and information about the device, browser, and operating system. Click See More to view these additional details. 
  4. If any session is unknown or suspicious, click Sign out of all browsers.
    • This action will sign out all sessions listed in the table, including the session that you are currently using.


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