Task Notifications and Reminders

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Task notifications and reminders can help you track when a new task is assigned to you by another firm user, when changes are made to tasks, and when reminders are set for completing tasks.

Note: You cannot set automatic reminders for tasks.

Set user notifications for tasks

Before setting task reminders, verify that you can receive email, in-app, and/or mobile notifications. Email notifications are only available for tasks that you assign to others and for tasks and task lists that are assigned to you. In-app reminders will be delivered to you on your next login. If you toggle on all the settings, you will receive notifications when a task or task list is assigned to you and when one of your assigned tasks is updated, deleted, or completed by someone else.

Note: You will not receive a notification if you complete one of your own tasks or if a task is overdue.

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications.
  2. Scroll down to Tasks.
  3. Toggle on the relevant settings.

Tip: Check your Personal Dashboard to get an overview of your overdue tasks.


Add task reminders

You can create a task reminder for the task assignee when creating or editing a task any time before a task is due. You can even set multiple reminders for a single task.

  1. Go to the main Tasks tab or the Tasks subtab within a matter.
  2. Create a new task or edit an existing task.
  3. Under Reminders, click Add a reminder.
  4. Select which firm user should receive the reminder and when.
  5. Optional: Click Add a reminder to set another reminder or click Remove to delete a reminder. 
  6. Click Save task.

Note: If a task is completed before a reminder is set to be delivered, the reminder notification will not be sent out.


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