WordPress and Clio

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With WordPress, you can create your law firm’s website and seamlessly integrate essential information and leads captured on your website directly into Clio Grow—streamlining client intake and effective relationship management.

Set up WordPress in Clio

  1. In Clio Grow, go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Scroll down to Clio Grow inbox and copy your Inbox Token.
  3. Connect your WordPress site to your Clio Grow account.
  4. Navigate to the Plugins section of your Wordpress admin panel and click Add New.
  5. Search for Clio Grow and click Install Now to add the plugin.
  6. Click Activate.
  7. Open the plugin's Settings.
  8. Paste your Inbox Token into the Authorization Token field.
  9. Choose your correct Clio Grow region.
  10. Add a Google Analytics ID, reCAPTCHA key, "Thank You" redirect URI, or Domain Blacklist
  11. On the Form Configuration tab of the settings, you can change the labels and placeholder text for the form fields.
    Note: You cannot change the fields themselves (e.g. the phone number field will always link to your Clio Grow phone number field, even if you change the label).
  12. Copy the Shortcode and paste it into the body of the page on your site you want to display the form on. If there is an existing Shortcode in the body of the page, replace it with the Shortcode shown.


Uninstall WordPress

  1. Open the Start menu on your PC.
  2. Go to Settings > System > Apps & features.
  3. Select the app.
  4. Click Uninstall.


Contact WordPress support

For further inquiries about WordPress, contact their support.


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