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Clio Grow is an intake tool that works alongside Clio Manage. With Clio Grow, you can track leads, intake new clients, and send data to Clio Manage once you are ready to begin billing and collecting payments. Take a look at the resources below to learn more about navigating the Clio Grow interface. 

Tip: Learn more about setting up Clio Grow here.



Across the top of the Clio Grow interface is your home for all quick access items. Here you can quickly navigate to Clio Manage if you have both Clio Grow and Clio Manage, perform a quick search with the search bar, filter your search results, access your inbox for prospective client leads and appointments, and create new assets all in one click. The top header will also show you your notifications, which can be managed in your settings.


Side navigation bar

Use the navigation bar to access case-specific files and resources for your account. When you click each tab, you will see a header with subtabs for navigating actions in the section and a table for navigating and manipulating data. Clio Grow contains the following tabs:


The Dashboard allows you to track lead sources and accurately report on your digital marketing efforts. You can view the value of your leads, revenue potential, conversion rate, and more. Learn more about the Dashboard here.


This tab shows leads coming in from third-party integrations, from any integrations that you built, and from appointments booked through your firm's Clio Scheduler booking link. Learn more about the Leads section here.


Your Pipeline shows matters in intake, matters that have been hired, and matters that you did not hire. You can also filter this view. Learn more about the Pipeline here.


The Agenda shows what you have to do today, and items that are due soon (upcoming), past due, and items without a due date. You can also filter this view. Learn more about the Agenda here.


This tab shows all contacts, leads, and clients. You can also filter this view by contact type, lead source, tags, use a keyword search, and create new contacts. Learn more about contacts here.


This tab shows all matters, including matters in intake and matters that have been hired. You can also filter this view by firm user, matter status, matter type, location, use a keyword search and create new matters. Learn more about matters here.


This tab shows all form templates and forms that are pending completion and submitted forms. You can also filter this view and quickly generate forms. Learn more about intake forms here.


This tab shows all document templates and documents that are pending completion and submitted documents. You can also filter this view, quickly generate documents, and send documents for e-signature. Learn more about documents here.


This tab shows the following two reports available in Clio Grow:

  • Matter report: View matters added over time, pipeline value by lead source and matter type, and conversion rate by lead or matter type. You can also filter the view. Learn more about reports here.
  • Referral report: Generate a referral report for how your clients are finding your firm. You can also filter the view. Learn more about reports here.


In this section, you can set up, enable, or disable all Clio Grow related settings. Learn more about Clio Grow settings here.


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