ScanSnap and Clio

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Install ScanSnap Home or ScanSnap Manager

Note: If you have the existing version of Clio Launcher or Clio Uploader installed, you will first need to uninstall these.
  1. Install Clio Launcher. Learn more here.
  2. Install the ScanSnap twain driver for ScanSnap Home or ScanSnap Manager, depending on your scanner model
  3. Connect Clio Launcher to ScanSnap via the instructions below. There are different instructions for ScanSnap Home users and ScanSnap Manager users.


Connect ScanSnap Home

Follow these steps to add Clio Launcher to ScanSnap Home:

  1. Open ScanSnap Home and click the blue Scan button in the top left corner.
  2. Click the Plus button to add a new profile
  3. Scroll down to Application, click Clio Launcher, and click Add to complete the installation


Connect ScanSnap Manager

Follow these steps to add Clio Launcher to ScanSnap Manager:

  1. Open Scansnap Manager and click Settings.
  2. If the Quick Menu is checked, uncheck it.
  3. Under the Profile dropdown, click Add Profile.
  4. Name your profile (eg. Scan to Clio) and click OK.
  5. Select the Application tab and click Add or Remove.
  6. Click Browse and do the following:
    1. Verify that Show hidden files, folders, and drives is enabled
    2. Go to "C" Drive > Users.
    3. Select the User you are currently logged into on your PC.
    4. Select Appdata > Local > Clio Launcher > cliolauncher.exe.
    5. Click OK.
  7. Name the application (eg. Clio Launcher).
  8. Click OK to return to the Add/Remove window.
  9. Click Close.
  10. In the ScanSnap Manager, under the Application tab, select Clio Launcher from the dropdown.
  11. Click Yes to apply new settings and then click Apply.
  12. Left-click the ScanSnap Manager icon and Scan to Clio.
  13. Put the paper you want to scan in the scanner according to the instructions.
  14. Press the scanner button to start a scan.


Scan via Clio Launcher

If you want to scan from your scanner to Clio check that you selected Clio Launcher, and then click the blue Scan button to perform the scan. You can also click the scan button directly from your scanner. When the scan is complete, Clio Launcher will display on the desktop where you can select the document's destination (a specific matter or root documents section).


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