Associate Grants With Matters and Activities

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Tip: Learn more about creating matters here.

Add and remove grants from matters

You can add a grant to a matter when creating a new matter or when editing an existing matter. A single matter can have unlimited grants, and you can select a primary grant. You can also remove grants from matters and replace them with new ones, and you can reorder how your grants appear on a matter by dragging and dropping them before or after other grants. The grant in the first position is the primary grant.

Add grant Remove grant
Tip: Click Recents in the Clio Manage header to see a list of matters you recently viewed.
  1. Create a new matter or go to an existing matter and click Edit matter.
  2. Go to the Grants section.
  3. Next to Primary grant, select or enter the grant's name.
  4. Optional: Check the box for Use this grant for case reporting to track which grants should be counted towards reporting. This will impact whether the grant appears in the matter's dashboard and in data exports.
  5. Optional: Click Add a grant to add a second and/or third grant.
  6. Click Save matter.


Track time and expense activities and PAI time

After adding a grant to a matter, you can begin adding time and expense entries. You can choose to track time and expense activities to both the grant and the matter or to only a grant and not any matter. You can also track PAI involvement in a case when creating a time entry.

Important: If you do not add a grant to an activity, the activity will show a line under the Grants column when viewing the Activities page, and you will see a section for time not allocated to a grant when viewing the Personal Dashboard.
Add activity entry Track PAI time

Note: When creating the activity entry, you can select either a grant that is on the matter or a grant that is not on the matter. If you select a grant that is not on the matter, it will automatically be added to the matter but will not count toward reporting. You can change this by editing the matter. 

  1. Go to Activities and click New time entry or New expense. You can also select Time entry or Expense entry from the Create new button in the Clio Manage header on the top right.
  2. Under Matter, select a matter to track the activity to the grant and matter. Do not select a matter to track the activity to only the grant.
  3. Under Grant, select a grant. 
  4. Complete the remaining activity entry details.
  5. Click Save entry.


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