Clio Academy

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Clio Academy

Clio Academy is a free on-demand training platform where you can take courses to learn more about how to use Clio products and grow your firm. Leverage Clio Academy to quickly bring you up to speed on how to get the most out of Clio and improve your practice. The courses are open to everyone, including non Clio customers, and delivered online, allowing you to learn more about Clio and improve your law practice from your home or office.

Get started with Clio Academy by signing up and accessing the library of online courses, which include reading material, video tutorial, visual aids, and quizzes. Then begin enrolling in courses that are most relevant to your firm, your role, and your interests. Take advantage of learning on your own schedule and pace with online and on-demand course offerings and become Clio Manage certified to take your knowledge to the next level. 

Learn more about Clio Academy here and course offerings here.


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