Clio Manage LSA Trust Report

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Law Society of Alberta (LSA) trust report

The LSA trust report is designed to help Alberta firms stay compliant with the LSA by providing records of trust account activity. The report contains four sections that report on different information:

  • AL: This section includes unpaid time and expenses and taxes on a per matter basis for the selected report year. A client will appear in this report if they have transactions in their trust account and at least one unpaid bill.
  • BAR: This section includes all bill payments, credit notes, and outstanding amounts in the year of the report.
  • TL: This section includes the opening trust balance for each matter for the year the report is run on.
  • TT: This section includes all transactions made in the trust accounts for the specified report year.

Note: This report is not available by default. If you need this report, contact Clio's support team.


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