Dialpad Talk and Clio

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Dialpad Talk is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application that allows you to make phone calls and send SMS messages from any device connected to the internet. With Clio's integration with Dialpad Talk, you can make phone calls from Clio Manage through the Dialpad desktop or mobile applications and automatically create communication records from phone calls.

Note: You need a Dialpad account, be a "Super Admin" on the account, and have downloaded the Dialpad desktop application to use this integration. The minimum plan required is Dialpad Pro plan with at least three seats. Learn more about Dialpad's plans here

Tip: While you cannot send or receive SMS messages in Clio Manage using Dialpad Talk, you can send and receive text messages in Clio Manage using Clio's text messaging feature. Learn more here

Set up Dialpad Talk in Clio

Firm administrators can enable Dialpad Talk for the entire account in Clio Manage. Once enabled, each user on the account will need to get their own Dialpad license in order to have a dedicated phone number to use the integration. 

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > VoIP
  2. Next to Dialpad, click Connect.
  3. Log in to your Dialpad account.
  4. Click Allow.
  5. Optional: Once you are returned back to the Clio applications settings page, check the box for Also create communication logs for calls from unidentified callers (calls without a matching contact number) if you want Clio Manage to always create a phone log for every call, regardless of whether there is a matching contact. 


Make phone calls from Clio

Once a firm administrator has enabled Dialpad Talk for your account and you have installed and logged into the Dialpad desktop application, you can start making phone calls from Clio Manage. You can make phone calls from the main Contacts tab, from a single contact's Dashboard, or from a single matter's Dashboard. 

Contacts tab Contact's Dashboard Matter's Dashboard
  1. Go to the main Contacts tab.
  2. Click the contact's phone number in the Phone column. If this column is not visible, click Columns, check the box for Phone, and then click Update columns
  3. Select Dialpad to launch the Dialpad desktop application and automatically make a call. 


View phone logs

After an inbound or outbound phone call takes place over a Dialpad line, Clio Manage will automatically create a phone log. If the contact only has one active matter in Clio Manage, the phone log will be linked to that matter. If a contact has multiple active matters, you will need to manually link the appropriate matter to the phone log. If there is more than one contact with the same phone number, the contact with the most recently created phone number will be linked.

  1. Go to Communications > Logs.
  2. Select the Phone quick filter.
  3. Click the phone log to view it, edit it, add a time entry for it, or to delete it.


Disconnect Dialpad Talk in Clio

Firm administrators can disconnect the Dialpad and Clio integration in the settings page. 

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > VoIP
  2. Next to Dialpad, click Disconnect.


Uninstall Dialpad Talk

  1. Open the Start menu on your PC.
  2. Go to Settings > System > Apps & features.
  3. Select the app.
  4. Click Uninstall.


Contact Dialpad Talk support

You can find more information about Dialpad Talk here.


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