Clio Draft: Contacts

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In Clio Draft, contacts are individuals and organizations (companies) that you can use to populate your court forms and documents. You can create individual contacts strictly in Clio Draft or sync your Clio Manage contacts to Clio Draft. 

Create contacts

If you previously connected your Clio Manage and Clio Draft accounts, your Clio Draft contacts list will be populated with your Clio Manage contacts. You can also create contacts directly in Clio Draft. Contacts created in Clio Draft will not be synced to Clio Manage. 

Tip: You can create contacts in Clio Draft while drafting forms, which means you do not need to create all your contacts before getting started with document automation and drafting court forms.

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Click Create contact.
  3. Select whether the contact is a person or organization (company) and then complete the remaining fields as necessary.
  4. Click Create contact.


Search and sort contacts

You can search for your Clio Draft contacts by first or last name and sort them by contact type, last name, first name, or email address in ascending or descending order.

Search Sort
  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Enter the contact’s first or last name in the search bar.


View, edit, and delete contacts

You can view, edit, and delete contacts in Clio Draft from the Contacts tab. When viewing contacts, you can view their personal details such as their name and contact information.

Note: The Clio Manage and Clio Draft sync is a one-way sync from Clio Manage to Clio Draft, which means changes made in Clio Draft (edits and deletions) will not be made in Clio Manage. Additionally, if you delete a contact that was synced from Clio Manage, you cannot resync that contact back to Clio Draft. 

View Edit Delete
  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Find the contact. You can use the search bar to search by first or last name.
  3. Click the Actions dropdown and then select View.


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