Deactivate Users and Cancel Account

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In Clio, only the primary subscriber and administrators can change account settings. This includes deactivating and reactivating users, removing unused licenses, and cancelling the account.

Tip: Learn more about setting up your account and adding users in this article.

Deactivate users

When a user account is deactivated, accounts on a monthly subscription will no longer be charged for a deactivated account. Accounts on an annual subscription can use the available license for another user. Deactivating a user’s account will hide their calendar entries, but their activity will not be removed. There is no option to permanently remove a user.

Note: Administrators cannot deactivate the primary subscriber’s account.

Clio Manage Clio Grow

Follow the steps below to deactivate a user in Clio Manage:

Note: If you deactivate a user who has a license under Clio's Personal Injury Add-On, the deactivated user will also lose their personal injury license. If you reactivate the deactivated user, they will not retain their personal injury license.

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Users.
  2. Click Deactivate under the user’s name.
  3. When the warning prompt appears, select Deactivate.


Reassign work

In Clio Manage, administrators can reassign work associated with open and pending matters from any active or deactivated user to an active user. You can assign a new responsible attorney to open or pending matters, reassign tasks that are not past due to a different firm user, and reassign upcoming calendar events to a different firm user. Once work is reassigned, the firm user now responsible for the work will receive an in-app notification and an email informing them of the work reassignment.

Note: You cannot reassign work associated with a closed matter, tasks and calendar not associated with a matter, calendar events that are saved on another calendar where the user is just an attendee, and private matters (matters with permissions set to only that firm user.)

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Users.
  2. Click Filter and select Show All Users.
  3. Find the user and click Reassign Work.
  4. Select a new firm user under Matters, Tasks, and Calendar Events.
  5. After reassigning work to another user, click Reassign work.


Reactivate users

Important: If the reactivated user is signing in with the same email address as their deactivated account, you may need to contact Clio's support team to have their email released before they can access their account.

Clio Manage Clio Grow

Follow these steps to reactivate a user in Clio Manage:

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Users.
  2. Click Filter and select Show All Users.
  3. Find the deactivated user and click Activate under their name.


Remove unused licenses (annual subscriptions)

Clio Manage accounts on an annual subscription can remove an unused license if they know they do not need it.

Note: This action will affect the annual rate at renewal.

Clio Manage Clio Grow

Follow these steps to remove an unused license in Clio Manage:

  1. Go to Settings > Account and Payment Info > Payment Info.
  2. Under Renewal Options click Change Renewal Options.
  3. Check the box for Remove unused licenses at renewal.
  4. Click Update Renewal Options.


Cancel account

There are no additional or hidden costs to canceling your Clio account. Just remember to cancel before your renewal date to avoid annual charges. You can cancel your Clio Manage account in settings. You can cancel your Clio Grow account by calling Clio's support team.

Note: Only a user with administrator permissions can cancel the account.

  1. In Clio Manage, go to Settings > Account and Payment Info.
  2. Click Close Account.
  3. Select the reason for closing your account.
  4. Call Clio's support team for verification.
  5. Click I Want To Permanently Close My Account.

Tip: See Clio’s Terms of Service to learn more about account cancellation policies.


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