Clio Payments Disputes and Chargebacks

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This article provides information about what happens to your bill and any payments in Clio Manage if a client disputes a payment and when a chargeback is initiated. For an in-depth guide to understanding and contesting chargebacks, take a look at this guide.

View bill and payment statuses

When a client disputes a credit card or eCheck payment, all administrators and the firm’s primary subscriber are notified by email. When a chargeback takes place, the payment in dispute is returned to the client. This means that the payment is also removed from the bill in Clio Manage, which moves the bill back to an unpaid state.

You can view whether a payment has been disputed, whether there was a chargeback, and whether you won or lost a dispute in Clio Manage.

  1. Go to Online payments.
  2. Optional: Click Filters to narrow your results by client.
  3. Look for the relevant tags under the Status column.
    • A blue Dispute Won tag indicates that you won the dispute.
    • A red Disputed tag indicates that the payment has been disputed.
    • A red Chargeback tag indicates that the payment has been disputed and a chargeback has been initiated.


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