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Uniform Task-Based Management System codes (UTBMS codes) are a series of codes used to classify legal services performed by law firms using electronic invoice submissions. Firms using LEDES billing can enable UTBMS codes for time and expense entries in Clio Manage.

Tip: Learn more about LEDES billing, including downloading LEDES bills, adding your firm's ID or tax ID to bills, adding LEDES client ID to contacts, and managing timekeeper classification codes here.

Important: Since UTBMS codes are a standard created by the LEDES Oversight Committee, you cannot edit existing codes or create custom codes.

Enable and disable UTBMS codes

UTBMS codes can be enabled in your Clio Manage billing settings. Once enabled, UTBMS codes are account-wide and can be used by all users.

Note: You cannot require users to use UTBMS codes.
Enable Disable
  1. Go to Settings > Billing > UTBMS Codes.
  2. Check the Use UTBMS Codes box and then select the code sets you want to use. You can choose from the following options:
    • ABA Litigation
    • ABA Bankruptcy
    • ABA Counselling
    • ABA Project
    • LOC Patent
    • LOC Trademark
    • LOC eDiscovery
    • EW Civil Litigation
  3. Click Update UTBMS Settings.


Use UTBMS codes in time and expense entries

When creating or editing time or expense entries, you can select UTBMS task and expense codes. The selections that appear are determined by the codes you selected when enabling UTBMS codes in your billing settings. If you created custom activity categories, your selected UTBMS codes will appear below the list of custom activity categories when creating or editing a time entry. Additionally, the UTBMS task code field will remain disabled until you select a UTBMS activity category.

Tip: Learn more about creating time entries and expense entries.


Show or hide UTBMS codes on bills

If you are using UTBMS codes for activities, you can choose to show or hide the code descriptions on bills by editing your bill themes. When working with bill themes, you can completely customize which information is shown and how across different types of templates to ensure clients understand their bill clearly. To find this setting:

  1. Go to Settings > Billing > Bill Themes.
  2. Select the bill theme you want to edit.
  3. Select Matter > Line items.
  4. Check the box for Include activity descriptions in line item descriptions if you want bill recipients to see code descriptions on bills in this particular theme. Uncheck the box if you do not want your bill recipients to see the code descriptions on bills.


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