Import, Filter, and Export Calendars

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Calendars can be exported out of Clio Manage using either CSV or ics files. You can also filter and export individual calendar entries rather than an entire calendar and print a specific calendar view.

Tip: Clio Manage offers built-in reports for matters. Learn more about reports here.

Import ics calendar into Clio Manage

To import a calendar saved as an ics file, such as a holiday calendar:

  1. Go to Clio’s Imports page
  2. Click Add.
  3. Under Import select Calendar from iCalendar (.ics).
  4. Select the destination calendar in Clio Manage.
  5. Click Choose File and find your file..
  6. Click Upload File..
  7. Wait for the import state to complete. This could take several minutes.


Download and export calendar ics link

If you need to download a copy of your calendar, you can download it as an ics file. This export will show all future events and past events in the last 30 days. The export does not carry over event locations, but it does export the event’s date, start time, end time, summary, and description.

Tip: If you need to see events in the last 6 months rather than the last 30 days, set up a Google or Office 365 sync. Learn more here.
  1. Go to Calendar.
  2. Click the More dropdown and select Calendar Feeds.
  3. Select Download Your Calendar ics, the ics download link for any other calendar, or Download All visible calendars ics.
  4. Save the file on your computer.


Filter and export calendar events

When filtering and exporting calendar events in Clio Manage, you can filter by the type of calendar event or court rule and by either all events or only current and future events.

Tip: Enter whole keywords into the Filter by keyword field to search for specific calendar entries.
  1. Go to the matter’s Calendar subtab.
  2. Select Filters to apply specific parameters.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Export.
  4. Select the export format. If you select CSV, you can choose to show all columns from the table or only columns that are visible/checked.
  5. Click Export.
  6. Optional: Print the exported file.


Print calendar view

When viewing the main Calendar tab, you can print the agenda, daily, week, work week, or month views. The printed view will show all calendar entries visible to you, excluding tasks. 

  1. Go to Calendar.
  2. Select one of the following: Agenda, Day, Week, Work week, or Month.
  3. Click the More dropdown and select Print.
  4. Follow your browser’s printing directions.


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