Clio for Co-Counsel: Law Firm Actions

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With Clio for Co-Counsel, you can share resources with your co-counsel, and co-counsel can share resources with you. Co-counsel will have access to shared items in the portal until they are unshared by the firm.

Tip: You can choose if you want to receive email notifications for documents uploaded through Clio for Co-Counsel in your Clio Manage notification settings. Learn more here.

Share document files and folders

When you share a document file or folder with co-counsel, they will receive an email notifying them that an item was shared with them, along with a link to the secure online portal. This email link will expire after seven days. You can re-share a document with co-counsel by stopping the share and sharing the item again.

Note: Sharing a folder that contains documents is the recommended action. This way, when your co-counsel uploads any document that they want to share, you can view the items in the Documents subtab for either the matter or contact.
    1. Go to the main Documents tab or the Documents subtab in a matter.
    2. Click the down arrow next to View and select Share with contacts.
    3. Under Select contacts, enter the co-counsel’s name. The matter’s client will be added by default.
    4. Under Share via, select Clio for Co-Counsel.
    5. Optional: Check the box for Notify contacts via email after sharing to send your co-counsel an email notification.
    6. Click Share.
Tip: Click Stop sharing next to the co-counsel’s name and re-add them as a contact to reshare the document.


Send messages

You can communicate with co-counsel using the internal messaging feature in Clio Manage. When you send a message, your co-counsel will receive an email notifying them that they have a new message. This email link will expire after seven days.

  1. Go to the main Communications tab or the Communications tab within a contact or matter.
  2. Click New and select Internal message.
  3. Add the co-counsel contact.
  4. Complete the message details.
  5. Click Send message.
Tip: If the email link expires, send your co-counsel another message or share any resource.


Share calendar events

You can share calendar entries with co-counsel using the secure portal to improve collaboration and remind them of important events. When you share a calendar event, your co-counsel will receive an email notifying them that they have a new event to view. This email link will expire after seven days.

  1. Go to Calendar or go to the Calendar subtab within a matter.
  2. Click New event or click Edit to update an existing event.
  3. Under Invite attendees, enter the co-counsel contact’s name.
  4. Optional: Click X next to a name to remove the attendee.
  5. Click Save event.
Note: Your co-counsel can view the calendar event in the Calendar tab of the online portal.


Assign tasks

You can assign tasks to co-counsel to ensure that they are keeping track of work that needs to be completed for the case. When you assign a task, your co-counsel will receive an email notifying them that they have been assigned a task. This email link will expire after seven days.

Important: Co-counsel can only see the task’s name, priority, due date, and which firm user assigned the task. They cannot see any other details, including the description.
  1. Go to the main Tasks tab or the Tasks subtab within a matter.
  2. Click New task.
  3. Under Assign to, select your co-counsel contact.
  4. Optional: Select if you want to notify your co-counsel that they have a new task and whether you want to be notified when they complete the task.
  5. Complete the remaining task details.
  6. Click Save task.
Tip: You can reshare the task email by editing the task and clicking Save task.


Stop sharing resources

After sharing a matter or individual items with co-counsel, you can revoke access at any time. Once access is revoked, they cannot view any details previously shared.

Stop sharing matter Stop sharing individual resource
  1. Go to the matter and click Share.
  2. Click Stop sharing.
  3. Select Continue.


View items shared by co-counsel

Your co-counsel can share documents with you and send you messages. You can view these in Clio Manage.

View documents shared by co-counsel:

When co-counsel upload documents to the folder you shared with them, the documents can be found in either the Documents subtab for the contact or matter. If co-counsel upload documents outside of a shared folder, the documents will be linked to the contact rather than the matter.

  1. Go to the Documents subtab for the contact or matter.
  2. Click All or Files only.
  3. Now you can view, edit, or delete the document, send it for signature, and add time.

Note: Co-counsel cannot delete documents that they upload. This is intentional functionality to prevent accidental deletion of important information.


View messages sent from co-counsel:

You can view messages sent from co-counsel either in Communications or the Clio for Co-Counsel subtab.

Note: You cannot prevent co-counsel from sending internal messages to you.

Communications tab Clio for Co-Counsel tab
  1. Go to the main Communications tab or the matter’s Communications subtab.
  2. Click Internal messages.
  3. Select the message to view it. You can also reply to it, add time, and change the matter that it is linked to.


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