Clio for Co-Counsel: Law Firm Setup

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Clio for Co-Counsel is a secure online portal designed for law firms and outside counsel to communicate and share resources. Law firms and co-counsel can send secure messages, share documents and calendar events, assign tasks, and add time entries to billable work.

Note: Clio also offers a secure online portal for client communication—Clio for Clients. With Clio for Clients, you can communicate with clients and share documents and invoices. Learn more here.

Set up portals

Before sharing messages and resources with co-counsel, you need to create the outside counsel as a contact in Clio. Once created as a contact with a valid email address, you can share a matter with them, which will create a secure online portal that they can view the matter information from. When a matter is shared, co-counsel can view basic matter and contact details, notes, and any email and phone logs linked to the matter.

Note: There is no limit to the number of matters you can share with a co-counsel contact.
  1. Go to the matter you want to share and click Share.
  2. Enter the name of the outside counsel.
  3. Optional: Check the box for Notify contacts via email to notify co-counsel that a matter has been shared with them.
  4. Click Share. Co-counsel will receive an email to join the secure portal and view the matter.


Add co-counsel billing rate

After adding co-counsel to a matter, you can also enter a specific billing rate for your co-counsel. If you enter this rate, your co-counsel can bill for their work using their own rate rather than your firm’s default rate.

  1. Go to the matter you want to share and click Share.
  2. Check the box for Use co-counsel rate.
  3. Enter the rate.
  4. Click Close to finish.


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