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With Clio Grow's website feature, you can connect a custom domain that you purchased from a third-party provider. You can connect an existing domain to your Clio Grow website using domain mapping. 

Note: To connect your domain to Clio Grow, you will need to add new A records and remove any existing A records with the same name in the DNS settings. This means that your old website content will not be available.  

Connect your custom domain

Follow the steps below to begin and complete the custom domain connection process:

  1. In Clio Grow, add the custom domain you purchased to the website settings page and select Submit domain.
    • Once your domain has been added, your website will no longer be available at the Clio Grow subdomain and will not be accessible until you finish the DNS record updates.
  2. Go to your account on your domain provider's website. In the DNS settings, remove any existing A records and then add new A records using the information specified as host and value.
    • This step varies depending on which provider you bought the domain from. See your domain provider's support or help site to view directions specific to the provider.
    • Once completed, your domain will route to your Clio Grow website within 48 hours.


Add an A record

The directions below are general directions for adding an A record. For directions specific to any other domain provider, search for "Add an A record [provider's name]" in Google or the domain provider's help/support site.

Note: Some DNS providers only allow unique host values when creating records. This means that you may need to add multiple data values to one host depending on your DNS provider. 

  1. Log in to your account on the domain provider's website.
  2. Go to the DNS management section in your account settings.
  3. Find the Add Records screen.
  4. Delete any existing A records with the same name as the ones you are going to set up.
  5. Create four separate A records. Two will be a slightly different version for your custom domain: 
    • Record 1, host: value:
    • Record 2, host: value:
    • Record 3, host: value:
    • Record 4, host: value:
  6. Save your changes.


Directions for common domain providers


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