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Clio Draft is an easy-to-use document automation and electronic signature platform designed for legal service professionals. With the Clio Draft, you can easily populate documents with client information from Clio, create cloud-based smart templates, use electronic signatures, and collaborate remotely

Set up Clio Draft

Once the sync is set up, it will run in the background and you will receive an email notification upon its completion. Feel free to use other parts of the platform in the meantime.

Note: The sync is a one-way sync from Clio Manage going into Clio Draft.
  1. Log in to
  2. On the bottom left, click the Settings icon.
  3. On the top left, under WORKSPACE & TEAM, click Integrations.
  4. Click Connect to begin the authentication sync.


Resync Clio Draft

Each time you add new information or update existing information in Clio, you can resync it with Clio Draft to bring that data over. To resync Clio Draft with Clio Manage:

  1. Go to your Clio Draft account.
  2. On the bottom left, click Settings.

  3. On the top left, under WORKSPACE & TEAM, click Integrations.

  4. Click Sync. 


View Clio Draft libraries

To see which states are currently supported by Clio Draft, check out the list of libraries.


Contact Clio Draft support

The quickest way to reach the support team is through the live chat on the Clio Draft website.


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