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Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard, or LEDES, is a standardized bill invoice format for the electronic exchange of billing and other information between corporations and law firms. Firms practicing personal injury law and practice areas involving third-party clearinghouses, such as insurance agencies, often use LEDES formatted bills.

Tip: The LEDES-1998B-Format PDF linked at the bottom of this article provides details about LEDES 1998B field specifications. 

Download LEDES 1998B and LEDES 1998BI bills

In Clio Manage, firms that require LEDES format bills can download individual and bulk bills in LEDES 1998B and LEDES 1998BI format. You can also enter your law firm ID or tax ID number in your settings, add a LEDES client ID in a contact card, and use timekeeper classification codes, if these options are required for your output files.

Important: You can only use this feature if you enable and use UTBMS codes when adding time and expense activities.
Download one LEDES Download multiple LEDES
  1. Go to Billing.
  2. View a bill by clicking the bill ID number or click the down arrow next to Send and select View bill.
  3. Click the down arrow next to Download PDF and select either Download LEDES1998B or Download LEDES1998BI.


Add law firm ID or tax ID to LEDES bills

To add your Law Firm ID or Tax ID to your output files:

  1. Go to Settings > Account and Payment Info > Account Info.
  2. Scroll down to LEDES Law Firm ID, Tax ID, or GST Number and enter the relevant value.
  3. Click Save New Information.


Add LEDES client ID to contact

To enter the client ID in a contact card:

  1. Go to Contact and click Edit. You can also search for the contact in the global search or click Recents to find a recently viewed contact, and then click Edit contact.
  2. Open Billing preferences.
  3. Under LEDES client ID, enter the relevant value.
  4. Click Save contact.


Manage LEDES 1998B Timekeeper classification codes

Timekeeper classification codes are used in place of Job Titles in Clio and can be added to user profiles.

Add a new job title from a list of LEDES codes:

  1. Go to Settings > Groups, Permissions, and Job Titles.
  2. Select Job Titles and click Add.
  3. Click Add from LEDES 1998B Timekeeper List.
  4. Select the relevant choices and click Save & Close.


Add a LEDES timekeeper job title to a user:

  1. Go to Settings > Manager Users.
  2. Click Edit below a user’s name.
  3. Scroll down to Job Title and add the relevant job titles from the LEDES Timekeeper list that you previously added.
  4. Click Save New Information.


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