Clio Drive Folder Management

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Folder structure and requirements

The folder structure in Clio Drive consists of contact or company/client name, followed by matters, including any pending or closed matters. Documents, attachments, and emails are nested in individual folders within the matter folders.

Folders in Clio Drive are synced from your Clio Manage contacts and matters and cannot be sorted or renamed. You can, however, rename custom created folders. Any additions, modifications, and deletions to custom folders will be synced to Clio Manage, and vice versa.

Note: If contact and matters names in Clio Manage have special characters, these special characters may appear as square boxes in Clio Drive if you are using a Windows machine. This happens because Windows does not allow the following characters in file and folder names: / : * ? ” < >


Sync folders

Contact and matter folders will only be created in Clio Drive if a document within the contact or matter was edited, uploaded, or downloaded in the last 12 months. To sync a matter or contact folder from Clio Manage to Clio Drive:

  1. Go to the matter or contact in Clio Manage and select the Documents subtab.
  2. Open a document by clicking the blue Clio Launcher arrow.
  3. Make an edit to the document and then save the changes. Clio Manage will create a new matter and/or contact folder in Clio Drive.


Delete folders

If you delete a contact or matter folder in Clio Drive, all the documents and files under that contact or matter will be deleted in both Clio Drive and Clio Manage. The contact or matter itself will not be deleted in Clio Manage. 

  1. Go to Clio Drive.
  2. Right-click the folder and select Move to Trash or Delete. If prompted to confirm the deletion, select Delete.


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