Legal Aid Matters

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Create matters

If you created the client and did not click Save and create matter when setting up the client, follow these steps to create a matter:

  1. Go to Matters and click New matter.
  2. Enter the required Matter description and Permissions.
  3. From the Practice area dropdown, select the required Legal Aid type:
    • Legal Aid - Certificated Civil
    • Legal Aid - Civil Controlled
    • Legal Aid - Criminal Controlled
  4. Scroll down to the Legal Aid section and enter the required Legal Aid information.
  5. Enter the required matter Billing preferences.
    • If this matter is fixed fee, select this here by changing the Hourly dropdown menu to Fixed fee, and then select the correct Fixed fee category.
  6. Click Save matter.


Create community care certificated civil matters

Rates for community care certificated civil matter are available by following the setup below while creating or editing the matter.

  1. Select Legal Aid - Certificated Civil as Practice Area.
  2. On the Legal Aid fields section, select your desired LAA Contract.
  3. Select Other Legal Help under the Fee Scheme field.
  4. Select Other Legal Help under Category of Law field.
  5. Fill out the other fields as you need.
  6. Click Save matter.


Manage escape fees

Once added to a matter, the created time entry will appear on the list of Activities as a billable item, as well as the Matter Dashboard under Work In Progress. It will also be included in a future generated bill. 

Add to existing matter Duplicate current matter and add activities

This option is typically used by firms when the matter has progressed through the threshold before a claim has been submitted to the LAA.

  1. Go to the Legal Aid matter.
  2. Select the Activities subtab.
  3. Click New time entry.
  4. Enter the Duration.
  5. Select the Activity category from the list of predetermined rates for this matter type.
    • If the matter Billing preference is set to Fixed fee, the box for Non-billable is checked by default. Uncheck this box before saving the time entry
  6. Click Save entry.


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