Clio Grow Matters Overview

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In Clio, a matter is a legal case. All your case work in Clio will be tied to a matter file to help you keep track of important case information in one place. You can view case-specific information for a matter by viewing that matter’s page, but you can also view all matters and data in the main Matters page in both Clio Grow and Clio Manage.

Tip: Once matters are added to your Clio Grow account, you can also view them in your Pipeline by matter status. Learn more about the Pipeline here.

View all matters in overview page

Since Clio Grow is a client intake tool used to track prospective clients, matters in Grow can be in one of two states—intake or hired. Intake refers to prospective clients and matters. Hired refers to cases that your firm has decided to take on. You can view matters by status once they have been created in the main Matters page:

  1. Go to Matters.
  2. Select View all, Intake, or Hired to view matters by status.
  3. Optional: Click Apply filters to sort matters by specific parameters.


View individual matter cards

When you go into a single matter’s overview page in Clio Grow, you can view all matter-specific data and information in one place. To access a single matter’s overview page:

  1. Go to Matters.
  2. Find your matter and click the matter’s name.
Tip: You can also search for your matter in the search bar.

Your specific matter’s overview page shows matter-specific information such as matter details, the contacts linked to the matter, and a timeline of activities done on the matter. You can also add matter work details on this page:

Intake process
This section shows work done on the matter, such as tasks and appointments. You can also schedule emails and prepare forms and documents from here.
This section shows notes for this matter. Learn more about adding, editing, and deleting notes in Clio Grow in the section below: Matter notes.
This section shows emails composed to contacts on the matter. Learn more about sending emails in Clio Grow here.
This section shows forms and documents on the matter. Learn more about intake forms in Clio Grow here and documents here.


Manage matter notes

In Clio Grow, you can add, edit, and delete notes.

Tip: You can search for notes using content in the body or title of a note in the Clio Manage global search bar.
Add Edit Delete
  1. Go to Matters and click a matter’s name.
  2. Select Notes.
  3. Enter the note details and click Add note.


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