Payment Notifications

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Set up payment notification emails

Payment notification emails are sent to firm users when client bill payments are received. Firm administrators can share payment notifications with no one, users with a specific Clio Manage permission (administrator, accounts, or billing), or a specific user group. 

Important: You can only share payment notifications with one type of permission level or one user group. You cannot select multiple permission levels or user groups, or select both permission levels and user groups.

  1. Go to Settings > Online payments > Payment Notifications.
  2. Under Permission levels or user groups, select No one, a listed permission level, or a user group. You can also create a new user group.
    • No one: If you select this option, no firm user will receive payment notification emails. 
    • PERMISSION LEVEL: Select one of Administrator, Billing, or Accounts. All users with the selected permission level will receive payment notification emails. 
    • USER GROUPS: Select one of your previously created user groups or click New user group to create a new user group. All users in the group will receive payment notification emails. If you create a new user group, you can name it "Payment Notifications" for easy recognition. 
  3. Click Save changes.


Manage user groups

Groups are categories of firm users that you can select to receive payment notifications. You can also use groups when setting matter and calendar permissions and for custom billing rates for contacts. Once a group is created, you can add and remove members by editing it and you can archive groups that you no longer need.  

Note: Only administrators can create and modify groups.

Create groupEdit groupArchive groupUnarchive group
  1. Go to Settings > Groups, Permissions, and Job Titles > Groups.
  2. Click New group.
  3. Enter the group name and description.
  4. Optional: Check the box for Exclude this group from custom billing rate if you do not want this group to appear as an option when setting a custom billing rate for a matter or contact.
  5. In the Group members section, add firm users to the group. You can click the blue minus symbol next to a user's name to remove them from the group. 
  6. Click Save group.


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