Matter Permissions and Rates

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In Clio Manage, you can specify whether a matter is visible only to you, all firm users, or a group of firm users using matter permissions. You can also set a matter-specific rate for activities and billing.

Note: You cannot set matter permissions or rates in Clio Grow.

Set matter permissions

All firm users can include permissions when editing a matter. You can specify whether only you can view the matter, whether all firm users can view the matter, or whether only a specific group can view the matter.

Important: Users who do not have access to a matter may still be able to view the matter’s bills if they have billing or accounts permissions and view matter details when running reports if they have reports permissions.
  1. Go to Matters and click Edit. You can also search for the matter in the search bar and click Edit matter.
  2. In the Matter details section, scroll down to Permissions.
  3. Select the appropriate permission level.
  4. Click Save matter.


Manage matter groups

Groups are categories of firm users that can be assigned to certain matters. When creating or editing a matter, you can set matter permissions where only a certain group can view and access a matter. Once a group is created, you can add and remove members by editing it and you can archive groups that you no longer need. The Matter assignment column will show whether the group is assigned to a matter.  

Note: Only users with administrator permissions can create and modify groups.

Create groupEdit groupArchive groupUnarchive group
  1. Go to Settings > Groups, Permissions, and Job Titles > Groups.
  2. Click New group.
  3. Enter the group name and description.
  4. Optional: Check the box for Exclude this group from custom billing rate if you do not want this group to appear as an option when setting a custom billing rate for a matter or contact.
  5. In the Group Members section, add firm users to the group. You can click the blue minus symbol next to a user's name to remove them from the group. 
  6. Click Save group.


Add matter rates

When creating new time entries in Clio Manage, the default rate applied to the time entries is the client or matter rate. If neither of these rates is specified, the time entry will default to the user rate or activity description rate. If you specify a matter rate, the time entries will default to this rate unless you enter a custom rate.

You can add more than one matter rate to a matter. For example, if you add a matter rate for yourself, your time entries will default to this matter rate for that matter. And if you also add a matter rate for another user or groups of users for the same matter, and one of those users creates a time entry for the matter, the time entry will default to the specified matter rate.

Tip: Learn more about activity rates and rate hierarchy here.
  1. Go to Matters and click Edit. You can also search for the matter in the search bar and click Edit matter.
  2. Go to the Billing preference section.
  3. Under Billing method, select Hourly.
  4. Under Custom billing rates, click Add a custom billing rate.
  5. Select user(s) and/or groups and the rate for those users and/or groups.
  6. Click Save matter.


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