Set Up Clio Drive

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Clio Drive is a virtual drive where you can create, access, and edit documents in files and folders right from your desktop. Clio Drive syncs between your computer and Clio Manage, which makes it easier to collaborate across your firm. You can make changes in either Clio Drive or Clio Manage, and those changes will be mirrored.

Install Clio Drive

Clio Drive is accessible from the Clio Desktop app, which you can install directly from within Clio Manage.

  1. Go to Documents.
  2. Click Desktop access in the top right and select Install for Windows/Install for mac.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to install Clio Drive.


Open Clio Drive

Note: You only have access to contacts and matters that you have permission to view in the Clio Manage web app. Additionally, only the most recently opened 40000 files, or those opened in the last 12 months, will be visible in the Clio Drive matter folders.

Windows Mac

You can access Clio Drive by opening the Clio desktop app from your desktop screen, or by clicking the Clio icon in your task bar on the bottom right of the desktop screen.

  1. In the Clio desktop app, select Drive and toggle the button to the on position. Clio Drive is turned on if the toggle button is green and if Drive Status is Connected.
  2. Access Clio Drive on your desktop by opening File Explorer.
  3. In the sidebar, under This PC, click Clio Drive. You will see your contacts as folders. Open a contact folder to view its matters and any previously filed documents, attachments, and emails.


Connect to Clio Drive

You will need to connect to Clio Drive each time your computer is restarted, shut down and turned back on, or if your internet connection is unstable. 

  1. Open the Clio desktop app.
  2. Check that Drive is turned on and that Drive Status is Connected.
  3. Open File Explorer/Finder.
  4. Look for Clio Drive under This PC (Windows) or under localhost or Network (mac).

Note: Clio Drive is in active sync with your documents in Clio Manage. This means that you need a stable internet connection to access your documents.


Reconnect to Clio Drive

If you cannot find Clio Drive or if you disconnected or ejected Clio Drive, re-connect Clio Drive through the Clio desktop app.

  1. Open the Clio desktop app.
  2. Toggle Drive off and then on.


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