Filter and Export Bills

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Bills in Clio can be filtered and exported in bulk as PDF or CSV files. You can also generate statements of account for all clients to view key financial information, such as payments and balances.

Tip: You can also download and print individual bills. Learn more here.

Filter bills

Bills can be filtered from the main Billing page or by going to a matter or contact’s Bills subtab. You can filter by client, matter, originating attorney, responsible attorney, date range, only trust or overdue bills, and custom fields. You can also search by the bill’s ID number in the Search by ID field to search for specific bills.

Tip: Add or remove columns and sort by bill issue date or last sent date to find the most recent bills.
  1. Go to Billing or the Bills subtab in the contact or matter.
  2. Select a bill status column. Options include Draft, Pending approval, Unpaid, Paid, All bills, or Archive.
  3. Optional: Click Columns to show or hide specific columns on the table.
  4. Click Filters.
  5. Select your filter choices and click Apply filters.


Export bills

When exporting bills, you can export all generated bills, only bills with outstanding balances, or bills in specific states. You can also apply filters to narrow your results further. To export bills:

  1. Go to Billing.
  2. Select Bills or Outstanding Balances.
  3. Optional: Select a bill state.
  4. Optional: Click Filters, choose your filters, and click Apply filters.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Export.
  6. Select the export format and click Export.


Generate statements of account

The statements of account export shows bill invoice amounts, payments, and balances due on a client’s account. The export includes any interest, discounts, and credit notes applied to bills in the total calculation. The export does not show any transactions, such as amounts deposited into trust, or transactions that are not related to bill payments.

You can generate this export for all clients with approved bills or for specific clients. You can also select relevant filters and selections, such as date range, showing a client’s trust balance or operating balance, or selecting a different bill theme to view the export.

Note: This export will only show bills that have been approved. It will not show bills in draft or bills pending approval.
  1. Go to Billing.
  2. Click the down arrow next to New bills and select New statements of account.
  3. Make selections relevant to your export.
  4. Click Generate Statements of Account.
Tip: With bill themes, you can include a summarized version of the statements of account on a bill invoice. This way, your client can see their total outstanding balance when they receive their most recent bill. Learn more here.


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