Payment Refunds

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With Clio Payments, you can refund all or part of a payment, including payments for multiple bills. You can also refund overpayment amounts not connected to paid bills. If you need information regarding refunds for disputes or chargebacks, learn more here.

Tip: Learn more about returning trust fund payments here.

Note: If a payment is refunded, the full amount will be returned to your client. You will not be charged any transaction fees; however, the transaction fee for the initial payment will not be returned to you. If a payment is voided, the full amount will be returned to your client and you will not be charged any transaction fees since the payment was not completed.

Refund bill payments

You can only refund a payment for a bill that has an approved payment. If the payment has not been completed, you will need to wait until it is fully completed. A payment is fully completed when the Void button is replaced with a Refund option. Once a refund is successfully processed, both you and your client will receive a confirmation email.

Note: If a bill has multiple matters, the refund will be applied based on the matter-creation date. The newest matter will receive the refund first.
Method 1 Method 2
  1. Go to Billings or click the Bills tab in a contact or matter.
  2. Optional: Select Paid to view bills with payments.
  3. Click the bill ID to view the bill. You can also click the down arrow next to Send and select View bill.
  4. Select the Online payments subtab.
  5. Click Refund. You can refund the entire payment or a partial amount.
  6. Optional: If the payment was applied to multiple bills, you can select which bills the refund will be applied to. Then click Next.
  7. Click Refund payment.
Note: The refund will be applied in order of bill issue date. The bill generated most recently will receive the refund first.


Record refunds for overpayments

If you need to issue a refund for an overpayment that is not linked to a bill, you can do so from the matter’s page. Once a transaction is recorded, you can see the funds that are taken out in the bank account ledger.

  1. Go to the matter’s Transactions subtab.
  2. Click New transaction.
  3. Enter the refund amount as a negative number.
  4. Select the account that the funds will come out of and complete any other details.
  5. Click Record transaction.
  6. Optional: Select Accounts and click the bank account name to view the transaction that was refunded.


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