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In Clio, a matter is a legal case. All your case work in Clio will be tied to a matter file to help you keep track of important case information in one place. You can view case-specific information for a matter by viewing that matter’s page, but you can also view all matters and data in the main Matters page in both Clio Grow and Clio Manage.

Tip: Before adding matters to Clio, set up your matter numbering scheme. With the matter number scheme, you can decide how you want matter numbers and descriptions to appear.

View all matters in overview page

In Clio Manage, matters can be in any one of three states—open, pending, and closed. Open matters are active cases. Pending matters can be cases that you will close soon or cases that you are considering taking on. Closed matters are cases that have been completed. You can view matters by status once they have been created or imported in the main Matters page:

  1. Go to Matters.
  2. Select one of the All, Open, Pending, or Closed quick filters to view matters by status.
  3. Optional: Click Columns to view specific columns. You can also drag and rearrange columns and click each column to sort ascending or descending parameters.
  4. Optional: Click Filters to sort by filters. Learn more about filters and exporting here.
  5. Optional: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Expand rows to view full matter descriptions.
Tip: Click Recents in the Clio Manage header to view a list of matters that you recently viewed.


View individual matter cards

When you go into a single matter’s overview page, you can view all matter-specific data and information in one place. To access a single matter’s overview page:

  1. Go to Matters.
  2. Find your matter and click the matter’s name.
Tip: You can also search for your matter in the search bar.
The matter’s dashboard provides an overview of matter details such as financials, work in progress, custom fields, timeline of events, and contacts and related contacts. Learn more here.
This subtab shows time and expenses entered on the matter. Learn more about Activities here.
This subtab shows calendar events for this matter. Learn more about the Calendar here.
This subtab shows communications for this matter, including phone logs, email logs, text messages, internal firm messages, and messages shared with clients through the client portal. Learn more about Communications here.
This subtab shows notes for this matter. Learn more about adding, editing, and deleting notes in the section below: Matter notes.
This subtab shows documents for this matter, including document integrations with third-party drives such as Google Drive. Learn more about Documents here.
This subtab shows draft e-filings submitting to local courts for this matter, if you signed up for Clio File. Learn more about E-filing here.
This subtab shows tasks for this matter. Learn more about Tasks here.
This subtab shows bills for this matter. Learn more about Billing here.
This subtab shows transactions for this matter, including payments, funds that were transferred, and trust request transactions. Learn more about Payments and trust requests.
Clio for Co-Counsel
This subtab shows resources shared with co-counsel on this matter. Learn more about Clio for Co-Counsel here.


Manage matter notes

In Clio Manage you can add, edit, and delete notes. You can also add time to notes and export and print notes.

Tip: Use keywords to search for notes in the search bar.
Add Edit Delete Export Print
  1. Go to Matters and click a matter’s name. You can also search for the matter in the search bar.
  2. Click Notes.
  3. Click New note.
  4. Enter the note details and click Save note.


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